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Spring is finally here, and it’s time to think about all the preparations that need to be made for your lawn and garden. With the arrival of warmer weather, your outdoor space is going to need some serious attention. The snow has melted, and the ground is starting to thaw. Your lawn is waking up, and your garden is starting to come to life. One thing you don’t want to forget is to schedule your landscaping spring cleanup.

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Spring Cleanup Services

Let us spruce up your property this spring with a spring cleanup from BRW Property Services Landscape Maintenance division. Spring Cleanups can include leaf and debris removal, lawn dethatching, aeration, fertilization, weeding, pruning, edging, mulching and more depending on your needs.

The top five reasons to schedule a spring cleanup for your landscape

1. Get your lawn ready for the growing season

After a long, cold winter, your lawn needs some TLC to get it ready for the growing season. A spring cleanup is the perfect opportunity to get rid of any debris, dead leaves or grass, and other things that may have accumulated over the winter. This will help promote healthy growth and prevent problems later in the year.

2. Create a clean slate for spring planting

Spring is the ideal time for planting new flowers, shrubs, and trees. But before you start digging in the dirt, you need to make sure the planting areas are clean and ready to go. A landscaping spring cleanup will help you create a clean slate for your spring planting. It will clear out any debris and leave you with a fresh canvas to work with.

3. Increase the curb appeal of your home

Your lawn and landscaping play a significant role in the curb appeal of your home. A clean, well-maintained lawn and garden are inviting and can increase your property value. A landscaping spring cleanup will help your yard look its best, making your home more attractive to potential buyers and your neighbors.

4. Prevent pests and plant diseases

Debris and dead plant material can provide a breeding ground for pests and plant diseases. A landscaping spring cleanup will remove any debris, dead leaves or plants, and other potential hazards before they can cause issues. This proactive step can go a long way in preventing pests and disease from taking hold in your garden.

5. Save time and effort in the long run

It’s easy to put off landscaping tasks and get behind schedule. But the longer you wait, the more work you’ll have to do later in the year. A landscaping spring cleanup can save you time and effort in the long run. By getting your yard in shape now, you’ll be able to maintain it more easily throughout the growing season and avoid larger, more time-consuming projects later.

Spring is the perfect time to schedule your landscaping spring cleanup. It will get your lawn and garden ready for the growing season, prevent pests and plant diseases, and increase the curb appeal of your home. By taking this proactive step, you’ll save time and effort in the long run and be able to enjoy your outdoor space all season long. Don’t wait – schedule your landscaping spring cleanup today.

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