BRW Property Services installs mulch for “per yard” pricing and our mulching fees include light weeding and edging of your garden beds and tree aprons. We ensure the mulch is placed where it belongs – not in your grass and not spilled over and onto your driveway or walkways. There is nothing quite like the curb appeal of fresh, beautifully mulched garden beds.

BRW Property Services understands the importance of keeping mulch neat and away from bunching around the trunks of trees. We can successfully create a tailored mulch bed that covers your plant line as closely as possible without unsightly bunching. BRW Property Services employs a Certified International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) professional, and the ISA confirms that when garden mulch is laid properly, it will facilitate increased health and growth of your trees and plants.

Beautifully mulched garden beds can add a fresh look to your landscape and provide eye-popping visual appeal. Mulching has an even greater purpose than being just visually pleasing but it can help your garden beds stay moist so you can minimize the need for constant watering. It can also help your beds avoid weed germination and the mulch can insulate your tree and plant roots, keeping them warmer in the frigid winter months and cooler in the humid summer months.

All you have to do is choose the color and type of mulch you prefer, and we offer lots of color and mulch products. Click here now and get your free BRW Property Services mulch installation estimate, and remember… BRW Property Services is fully insured for your protection!


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