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A home’s exterior is just one of the first impressions that guests and passersby have of your property. A well-designed walkway is actually the first physical contact with your property and can affect its curb appeal and the home’s value, positively or negatively.

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BRW Property Services knows that as simple as it may appear, walkway construction can be a tricky task. Not only should it be functional, but it can also be stunning! To be functional as well as elegant or stunning requires proper experienced planning and execution from selecting the right design, material, and finishing touches. The hardscape construction team at BRW Property Services will guide you on the right path!

 Choosing the Right Material

The first step is always the right material whether you choose brick, natural stone, or concrete pavers.

Planning and Design

The next step is to design a walkway that offers access with a comfortable width, and an enhancing style and shape.


The process differs depending on the material you’ve chosen.

Finishing Touches

Consider adding lighting, plants, or flowers along the edges and applying a sealant to protect it. 

The hardscape construction experts at BRW Property Services will walk you through a well-designed walkway that enhances your property’s curb appeal and welcomes visitors.

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