BRW Property Services offers regular lawn care programs as an affordable to be sure your business or commercial property is looking great all season long.

Our regular lawn care and maintenance services keep your property looking its best and include:

  • regular lawn mowing;
  • edge trimming (“weed wacking”); and
  • clean up of clippings (blowing them away from driveways / walkways).

We do lawn maintenance right! Grass clippings? We clean them up and blow the clippings away from your driveway and walkways.

No two lawns are alike and differ by grass type, soil, climate – sun – traffic exposure, as well as how the lawn is used and maintained. We can tailor your lawn maintenance program to meet your specific lawn and maintenance needs.

Our customized lawn care programs can include:

  • regular lawn mowing;
  • edge trimming (“weed wacking”); and
  • cleaning up the clippings (blowing them away from driveways / walkways);
  • fertilizing (ensuring your law has proper nutrients for healthy growth and color);
  • irrigating (watering your lawn; irrigation installation referrals upon request);
  • dethatching (removing the layer of dead grass);
  • aerating (relieving the compression that restricts your lawn from hydrating properly and getting proper nutrients to stay healthy); or
  • turf replacement (replacing a damaged section or full lawn).


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